The Reclaim Campaign.

Maxine Waters reclaimed her time, and in doing so, turned the very definition of “reclaim” into a rallying cry of empowerment: don’t get in my way. 

This election is a pivotal moment for the Black community and in 2020, BET is Reclaiming it. The RECLAIM campaign addresses the issues most prevalent in our hearts and minds: the end of police brutality, the imperative for affordable health care, and navigating the election process. We are launching a modular strategy that will inform our community on how to register, to understand the ballots, to exercise our powerful and American right—to vote—as well as the tangible importance of participating in the census, of being counted, of determining where billions of federal funds are spent. We will implement our strategic campaign not only with broadcast and social spots, but with a robust library of assets that includes, but is not limited to: flyers, posters, billboards, experiential, pop ups, and merchandise. Every facet of our campaign heralds our critical call to action—to Reclaim. Reclaim your Vote.  Reclaim your Count. 

In 2020, we are going to be heard.