Let’s work together.

If you are to believe Wikkipedia, Marcelle Karp is “an AMERICAN (who wrote that? why is that important to note?) is an American feminist writer, editor, and television director and producer.”

But, there’s more to me, there always is.

Professionally, I value my strategic mind and creative wizardry. Also, an ability to make up works like “Reality-sodic,” and “Oh-jeez-that’s-terrble-isms.” Currently, you’ll find me at BET, a Creative Director, where I flex that empathetic leader moniker of mine with great enthusiasm. I oversee the ideating and execution of conceptual campaigns, theatrical copy, workhorse promotion, photo shoots, asset design, network branding, and 360 strategic thinking. I will not shy away from writing a pitch deck, or using a conference room and engaging everyone from interns to senior execs to brainstorm, taking the jewels of those round robbins and threading together something wow-worthy.


I’m from Queens, New York. A native New Yorker, the daughter of a NYC taxi driver. I am still always surprised by winter. I knit. I’ve written some books. I’ve directed some things. And I continue to push the envelope, whenever I can. Right now, I live in Stuytown, with my dog, Rocky, and my daughter, Ruby.

I also like to jump around.

Right now? I’m knitting another scarf for another friend and procrastinating doing that other thing, working on my next book.