The Launch of BET Plus 2019

What do you do when you’re launching an SVOD service with only a few months with which to do so?

You get down to business.

I was tasked with overseeing the brand creative and strategy for the launch.

BET+ (I’m also the co-keeper of the nomenclature and protocols of this service) was rolling out with an original series from Tracey Oliver called First Wives Club, starring Jill Scott, Michelle Buteau and Ryan Michelle Bathe. The sweet personal kernel for me is that I know Michelle from the stand up world, she’s done the stand up show I produced, We Hope You Have Fun, and in addition to being HILARIOUS, she is a girl’s girl, and a wonderful human being. But I digress. This project. I had ten episodes, and ninety seconds with which to create the world of First Wives Club.

BET+ was also launching with an exclusive key to Tyler Perry’s collection—his stage plays, his movies, and his series. Another aspect of this launch was working directly with Mr. Perry, at his studio in Atlanta. I have worked with quite a few of the greats, and Mr. Perry is, hands down, one delightful genius. Here he is, along with Madea and Joe as well as the Activation piece we shot.


Finally, BET+ is a hotbed of movies, and so, we holed up in an edit room for weeks, stitching together what I consider a masterpiece of movie madness, scored by one of my favorite composers, Jose Cancella and so, we created the BET+ Anthem spot.