Y’all, I wrote a book!!!!!!!

It’s summer, and Jasmine “Jazz” Jacobson has just wrapped up tenth grade which was, well, a chore. She’s spending her summer working in the snack shack in the beachside town in Fire Island by day, hanging out with her best friend Macy at night. Basically, how she’s spent every summer since forever, minus the work part.

Things are different though. Jazz is working on a summer photography project, something, anything to make her college application extra curricular stand out. And she’s got a crush on the cutest boy in the world Leo who may or may not be cuffed.. And Macy, well, Macy is still not over Max Cooper.

With so much going on, summer has gotten just a little bit more intense, as Jazz tries to adapt, on the daily, to what’s happening, not just in her own head, but with Macy. Getting Over Max Cooper isn’t just about a crush gone wrong, it’s a deep exploration of the nuanced dynamics between best friends, that is part love story, part drama, and all summer.